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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know

Do I drop my pet off and come back or do I stay and wait?

Poochies is by appointment, so you will check your pet in for grooming, and the groomer will either give you a time to pick the pet up or will contact you a little bit before the pet is done. This way your pet doesn't have to wait too long to go home.

What papers do I need before my pet can be groomed?

All pets by law need to have their rabies vaccinations, therefore, before your pet can be groomed you must show or give a copy of the rabies paperwork with your pets name on it. If your pet cannot have a rabies vaccination anymore for health reasons, there must be a note to put on record from your pets vet saying they cannot have this and reasoning for it.

Do you groom cats as the name is Poochies Dog Grooming?

Yes we groom cats. Originally when Poochies was named, cats were not groomed, but there are experienced cat groomers now that will take good care of your kitty.

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